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Early Childhood Intervention

What is Early Childhood Intervention?

We are a family centred early childhood intervention service for young children aged birth to 8 years who have a disability or delay in their development, and their families who live in the Cowra region. We help children to grow and develop, reach their potential and participate in the community.

What We Do

  • We support children with developmental delays or disabilities to have access to the same opportunities as other children their age.
  • We work in partnership with families and other professionals to support the inclusion of children in their natural learning environments such as the home, early childhood services, schools and community.
  • We provide specialised allied health therapy and special education sessions, transition to school groups, small play and learn groups, family support workers, support and consultation to early childhood services and schools.
  • Play is recognised as one of the important ways for children to learn and develop. We work together with you to explore play experiences and find these natural learning opportunities in your daily routines.
  • We provide family information sessions on current topics. You can also borrow DVD’s and other educational resources to help your family at home.
  • Provide support to help families with young children transition to The National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • MyTime Playgroup meet every Friday from 10am to 12pm. MyTime groups are for parents and carers of a child with a disability or chronic health condition. Childcare is available.

The Cowra Early Intervention team work in collaboration with you to administer your child’s individual service plan, goals and objectives.

The service plan provides access to the following in-home or centre based services:

The Team Around the Child
We are a transdisciplinary team of professionals who are experienced in working with children with disabilities / or delays in their development. We provide each family with one of our highly qualified staff members who act as a key worker and single point of contact. This person works in partnership with the family to develop an individualised plan that will support their child’s growth and development while considering the needs of the whole family. Each key worker is supported by the skills, knowledge and experience of the whole team.

Special Educator
Works with your child to target individual needs, and specific skill development in the areas of social interaction, communication, attention and play. The sessions are individual or part of a trans-disciplinary team with a speech pathologist and occupational therapist. Educators can visit home and child care environments to assist with the implementation of strategies, deliver developmental programs and offer support. Transition to School groups prepare the child and family for kindergarten and include detailed  Individualised reports, extra school orientation sessions. Early Intervention teachers also provide school classroom support for children, teachers, and teachers aids in Cowra schools until the child turns 8 years of age or no longer requires support.

Speech Pathologist
Will provide individual or group therapy sessions to help develop your child’s verbal, receptive and written communication skills. Your child might see our speech pathologist to help with problems of being understood by others people / problem understanding what people say and ask of them / frustration because he can’t say what he wants to say or cannot be understood by others / experiencing behavioural problems in social situations such as childcare /feeding and swallowing difficulties / fussy eating & swallowing. Help with assisted communication devices, visuals and ipads.

Occupational Therapist
Focus on developing a wide range of skills, which are fundamental in facilitating learning in other developmental areas such as speech and language, and enable children to play, learn, communicate and socialise. These skills include, but are not limited to: fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual perception, information processing, attention and concentration, and social development. OT’s help children who struggle with concentration and learning difficulties, drawing, handwriting or cutting with scissors, learning to dress or feed,  fussy eating, developing smooth routines for daily activities such as sleep, toileting & meal times.

Inclusion Support Worker
Works directly with families to build on their capacity of parenting skills. Some ways our Inclusion Support Worker assists is by talking over any problems or concerns you may have, offering strategies for your child’s challenging behaviours or acting as an advocate for you at meetings and appointments. This service is available every Thursday and can be in your home, the service or setting of your choice.

Early Childhood Intervention in Cowra NSW
Early Childhood Intervention in Cowra NSW
Early Childhood Intervention in Cowra NSW

For further information about Early Childhood Intervention please contact us.