Vision, Purpose & Values

Our Vision

Enabling all people to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Our Purpose

To provide effective and appropriate services that facilitate positive and achievable outcomes for all involved in our organisation.

Our values

Values based around disability service standards:

  • Rights – recognise and respect the rights of all individuals within our organisation and ensure an environment free from abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation 
  • Participation & Inclusion – practice full participation and meaningful inclusion in our community for all
  • Outcomes – ensure that outcomes are person-centred, achievable and culturally appropriate 
  • Feedback & Complaints – encourage a culture where feedback and complaints are welcome and are dealt with in a confidential and timely manner
  • Access – ensure a transparent and accessible system based on the needs of individuals and their families and/or carer’s
  • Quality Service – provision of good governance and quality management based around innovation and continuous improvement
Cowra Special Needs Services
Cowra Special Needs Service
Cowra Special Needs Service