Who We Are

Welcome to Cowra Special Needs Services (CSNS)

Cowra Special Needs Services provide comprehensive, individually tailored programs where there is a focus on how the individual can develop life skills, achieve goals, and live well.

Commitments to Quality

CSNS partners with individuals, their families and circles of support through a person centred approach with the overall aim of achieving their chosen goals.  There is an ongoing focus on continuously reviewing, improving and enhancing the support that they receive.

CSNS believes that individuals need to be supported by trained and competent staff.  All staff receive extensive training to provide quality service and support, including minimum Certificate III in Disability Services, first aid, compulsory basic training and ongoing competency of assessment of essential skill areas.

Aims and Objectives

Services are provided in accordance with the Disability Inclusion Act, Disability Standards and the following aims and objectives.

  • The Organisation provides responsive and accountable corporate governance.
  • Encourages all individuals to achieve their chosen goals through innovative and flexible support in the community to meet their individual and changing needs.
  • To give priority to the provision of services and/or resources to the individuals most in need.
  • Promoting access to a range of services for each individual to support them in achieving their chosen goals
  • To acknowledge the cultural diversity of each individual and assist in identifying ways this could be incorporated in to their everyday activities.
  • To advocate and lobby for individuals when required.
  • Assist the individual to achieve quality outcomes with the best use of available resources.
  • Through disciplined processes our staff will be challenged and empowered to excel at providing quality tailored support to each individual, their family and circle of support and to achieve a rewarding career for themselves.
  • Seeks to encourage the volunteer ethic in both individuals with a disability and staff, acknowledging the valuable contribution made by volunteers to the wider community.

If you would like a copy of any Cowra Special Needs Services policy or procedure, please do not hesitate to ask for a copy from your service Co-ordinator.

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